If you are a business trying to conduct business as usual right now, we feel you—we’re all experiencing the same struggle. Entrepreneurs large and small are navigating a new and unknown consumer landscape.

A whopping 92% of businesses in BC have been affected by Covid-19, According to Vancouver Economic, with the vast majority experiencing a negative impact. In fact, 73% of businesses surveyed forcast revenue drops of 50% or more.

This means many small businesses are relying on their online stores to take orders, deliver, and ship their goods to consumers. But if your website isn’t set up for that you may feel like the ground is caving in beneath you and your business won’t survive.

But wait.. there’s hope!

Setting up an online store doesn’t take too much time or money these days, thanks to technology. Now just might be the ideal time to take stock of your inventory and see how you can make the best of a bad situation.

Let’s run through the ways an online store can help you get your products out of the virtual door while brick-and-mortar accessibility remains nebulous.

How to Build Your Online Store

Shopify is a website platform that allows you to build an online store. It is one of the most user-friendly and adaptable e-commerce platforms in the world and they offer 24/7 customer support through email, live chat, or phone. That’s human support, operating out of North America, for fast, easy and efficient assistance on any issue or question that may arise for you as the owner of a Shopify website.

That’s not all. Shopify also offers:

  • Affordability as one of the most cost-effective e-commerce solutions with low monthly fees
  • Flexibility for shipping, tax and payment options
  • Customization with apps (in WordPress, these are called plugins) that can be integrated into your site for site-wide alerts, discounts, storewide sales or special offers
  • Exceptional user experience on both the front end, for your customers, and the back end for your website managers
  • Responsive design for all mobile and tablet visitors

Bottom line: Shopify gives you the opportunity to accelerate your sales online by setting your business up with a robust digital storefront.

Our Shopify Website Packages

We’ll help you build what you need, based on your budget and sales goals. Our Shopify website packages can be customized to meet your needs, and our services include:

  • set up of static website pages
  • set up of product detail pages
  • written content optimized for search engine visibility
  • custom graphics
  • payment and shipping configuration
  • branded social media accounts
  • Training and resources for adding products to your store

What is more business worth to you, right now and in the future? It’s estimated that over $4 billion in sales will be made through online shopping in 2020, and this number is increasing every year.

Investing in a new way to do business now, that will continue to benefit you for years to come, is a pivot that will put you on the path to continued success.

As tough as these Covid-19 times are, we’re being forced out of the box. Now is the ideal time to reinvent and adapt to the changing marketplace in creative ways. Once stores are back to their regularly scheduled programming, you’ll be well set-up to make back all that was lost and then some.

Need help creating an online store? Learn more about our e-commerce services or reach out to us at 778-441-2535 or email us at info@alphastrategy.co.

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