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Why Is Local SEO Important for My Business?

Before we get into why Local SEO is going to help your business, let’s start with explaining what it is–starting with the term SEO. If you’re new online marketing, you may have heard the word but are unfamiliar with the definition. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and its the practice of being seen online by those searching for your products and services using keywords specific to your industry and what you’re selling. When a user types a keyword into Google, they’re given pages of results based on that search.

Did you know there are 63,000 Google searches per second on any given day? 

That’s a lot of searching taking place online, and often the searches are happening around you, in your neighbourhood, on the streets that surround your brick and mortar shop or office. Think about the last time you searched for a restaurant or a store in your area–for example bike shops in Nanaimo, BC. The results that show up aren’t random, they are there because they are applying strategies to gain that top-level visibility. (Or they are showing up by default because their competition has yet to supersede them!)

While you can target the world by applying SEO to your website, you can target shoppers in your area by applying Local SEO. And if you’re wondering how many people are utilizing Local SEO on the go, the answer comes from Retail Data, which shows that 94% of smartphone users seek out local information on their device, with 90% taking action after their search. 

How Do I Start?

First, you’ll need a proper address in a region/city. If you don’t have a brick and mortar, an established address, or are working from a residential space, chances are slim that you’ll be featured in Local SEO results. For those with a commercial address, the first step is ensuring you have a fully completed, verified and updated Google My Business listing.

Next, you’ll want to ensure your website is optimized for Local SEO. Ensure your complete address, including city and region, is listed in a contact page, is included in your on-page keyword strategy and metadata, and is applied in special markup. 

Then you want to make sure your social media includes the correct business address and information, and you want to update those channels with regularity. You’ll also want to gather reviews, either via Facebook, or TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. The reason for this is that your reputation, when associated with a local address, will help boost your authority in the eyes of Google.

These aren’t the only aspects to manage and monitor Local SEO for increased visibility in search result pages. From website blogging to adding review widgets and/or social widgets to your site, reviewing your URLs and ensuring a mobile-friendly design are all part of the steps taken to rise above the competition–literally. But because SEO is not an exact science and more of an ongoing work-in-progress, Local SEO will take time, thought, focus, and strategy. 

I Think I Need Help 

No problem! At Alpha Strategy, we can create a project scope around developing your SEO strategy for your website including Local SEO services. Let’s figure out what that scope will look like! Call us at (778) 441-2535 or email us at for a complimentary consultation and informal chat about your next steps for increased visibility in your area.

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