Google Ads (once known as Google AdWords) has been going strong for about 20 years now and while it may have started off a bit clunky and restricted, much like the Internet of yore, this advertising tool has grown exponentially to become a well-oiled and hugely successful marketing machine.

Thanks to the brainiacs at Google, the experience for marketers using pay-per-click strategies to sell products and services are constantly being enhanced and refined. This ensures better access to customers searching for your products and services. Bottom line: if you’ve been thinking about implementing a Google Ads strategy to increase business sales this platform will give you the most bang for your buck.

Here’s why.

Getting Seen

You’ll increase your brand’s visibility, which means being able to cast a wider net around your target audience(s) and not just when someone finds your ad in their search results. Google Ads can appear on the whole of the search network (including many non-Google sites), as well as display networks like Apps and social channels like YouTube.

Don’t fear that your ads will be seen by people who fall outside your audience base and may not eligible or appropriate to be targeting. Google Ads are too smart for that–your ads will only ever appear when relevant. Essentially, with the proper filters and sales funnels set up your ad will only ever be seen by someone who is truly interested in what you’re offering, which is a vast improvement to the spam or junk mail you always end up with that never seems to match up to what you need or want. Those were the old ways of doing things.

Today, you can achieve efficient targeted marketing in a vast and accessible digital landscape. And if you need further convincing, that digital landscape we speak of is home to 1.8 billion online shoppers worldwide.

Flexibility & Customization

There’s plenty of ways to advertise to your potential buyers using Google Ads. You can customize several different types of campaigns from search or display to video or app campaigns. You have the ability to drive your ad forward with the filters and specifications you need to find the right fit for optimal sales. Meanwhile, Google continues to evolve and revolutionize ad capabilities for greater marketing opportunities.

Rewards for Relevancy

The more relevant your ad is to people online the more it will appear for your potential customers. Google uses what is called a Quality Score to measure your ad’s relevancy.

This Quality Score will determine:

  • how often your ad appears
  • where it is positioned
  • the associated cost-per-click on your ad by each user

The takeaway here is that the more specific you can get with your ad, the better chances you have of being relevant to the associated target audiences, which can lead to greater campaign success.

All Data All The Time

Those old ways of advertising, like taking out a radio, newspaper or magazine ad, never did a great job of providing concrete data on visibility, customer behaviour and conversions.

But can you find out how many men on Vancouver Island read your Google Ad promoting seasonal fishing gear? Absolutely. You can go even more granular: what areas do these men live in? What time did they read the ads? What days? What were their ages and their behaviour after reading the ad–how many clicked through to the landing page to see the products, how many bought something?

This kind of detailed information is invaluable to marketers who are always looking for the best ways to get the right information in front of the people who need it. By investing your marketing dollars into a campaign that can be measured and analyzed, you’ll ensure effective and efficient results that will lead to informed decisions regarding your marketing dollars.

Not sure where or who to start with Google Ads? Let us know what you want to achieve and we can create a custom ad strategy for your business. Connect with us today.

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