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What is Copywriting? A Guide to SEO Content

With the right online content built for visitors & search engines, your website can be working to gain you leads 24/7. This is done through search engine optimization [SEO]. Writing for SEO offers quality content that speaks to your audience about your goods and services and is written professionally to gain visibility and engagement with new and returning customers. 

What is Copywriting?  

Copywriting is quality content that speaks to your audience and when it is paired with SEO it has the power to gain your brand visibility in their online searches. An SEO writer can offer copywriting for website pages, white papers, newsletters and other online digital advertising that is not only compelling but converts. 

Did You Know?

There are 63,000 Google searches per second on any given day. Each search query brings hundreds of results to the fingertips of the person searching—if your website isn’t visible on the first page of Google chances are slim that someone searching for your service will scroll through pages to find you. Instead, they’ll click on the competitor sites they see first. The good news is that high-quality content is one of the most important signals used by Google to rank your website. High-quality content isn’t just good for visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but it will also boost your reputation as an expert in your industry. 

Optimize Your Content 

We provided SEO content writing for Squeeky Clean, a local cleaning service based in Nanaimo, BC. Since our initial optimization work, the site has seen a huge improvement in visibility on search engines. 

“Before and after working with Alpha is a total change. The website’s amazing, they were so attentive to my needs. I wanted to switch from residential to commercial and we worked with each other and now my business is up 50% in less than a year.” – Steph, Founder of Squeeky Clean 

High-quality content means first developing a content evaluation. This will give you a broad view of what your website is doing to help you gain passive leads, also known as organic traffic, while you’re busy running your business in real life. This evaluation analyzes your website’s information architecture to offer short-term and long-term content recommendations.

It focuses on:   

  • Page Structure: identifies your headers (h1s, h2s)
  • Existing content: quantity, quality and structure
  • Keywords: competitive, primary, secondary, longtail and meta data
  • Images & videos: image tags, alt tags, and video formats
  • Links: internal, and anchor text
  • CTAs: call-to-action user experience, quality vs quantity, and keyword use

With the content evaluation as our road map, we can identify your priority pages and work through recommendations for each. This will be based on the needs of you and your business, as well as your budget.  

How Do We Write About Your Business When It’s Not Our Business? 

Now that we know what your business needs through our content evaluation and keyword research, we will find out where customers are dropping out of the sales funnel by compiling notes from online reviews, conducting Q&As with support staff or managers, and using on-page analytics or “heat mapping” of your most popular/visited content. With a comprehensive understanding of what’s working and what needs to be improved, we can address weaknesses through on-page SEO web copywriting updates. Our experienced content writing experts will not only ensure your web copy is compelling, readable, well-placed and optimized for search engines but will also be solving those pain points for better sales conversions.  

For Steph at Squeeky Clean, optimizing her site to highlight commercial cleaning services was her priority. So, we focused on building out those new service pages with keyword specific research and content implementation. We also updated her photos, testimonials and awards to better position her for the work she was seeking.  

“They always take my phone calls, always text me back and are really involved in how I want to pursue my dreams and build my business better.” – Steph

The Key to Copywriting Success

Optimized copywriting isn’t always about adding keywords. It’s about marketing to your target audience(s) and presenting them with helpful information while telling a compelling story and representing your business in the best way. This will help your business cast a wider net around those online who are seeking out services in your industry.  

Optimized content writing is just one of the SEO services we offer at Alpha Strategies. Find out more about how we can help you cast a broader net for ideal new customers and get seen by search engines and unique eyeballs! 

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