Creating a company logo design sounds easy, but it can be one of the most time-consuming steps to developing your brand. There are the obvious elements to design: colours you want to use, styles, font choices, and taglines to best reflect your company. Then there are the less obvious elements like sizing and thinking about whether the design will be too small, too detailed, or unreadable if it’s sized to fit on a business card. What if it’s too awkward or disproportioned for the website? Before you know it, you have 10 logo variations and no longer know what you’re trying to convey (*bangs head on desk).

As a digital marketing agency, designing professional logos with all this in mind is something we do every day. A while back, we wrote a blog for those starting out in brand development, and we want to take a moment to focus on logo design itself. We’ve seen and heard about the trials and tribulations of outsourcing to inexperienced designers and crowdsourcing sites. If you want to avoid that hassle, save time, and end up with a logo that will work for print, web, and baseball caps, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of bad decisions and steer you to a final product that will leave a lasting impression.

When we’re creating an online logo design that can pop, on print collateral, websites, clothing or accessories, here are some things we consider:

Pay Attention to Colour in Logo Design

When you’re considering how to design your logo the decisions you make around colour will reflect how you communicate your brand. Colour can grab people’s attention, pull them in, and give your illustration shape and context. As important as colour is, the design shouldn’t take a back seat. Your logo should look just as good in black and white. If you’re printing a colour logo for apparel note that the more colour you have the more it will cost, so a strong greyscale image can make for more budget-friendly merch.

Avoid Logo Design Trends

You might see a logo trend that appeals to your aesthetic but beware. Trends are by definition popular styles and that means your trendy logo will just be one of many that appear similar and won’t pop out from the competition. Try incorporating elements of a trend to create your own hybrid.

Consider Custom Lettering

Custom type can go a long way in setting your logo apart from others and take it to the next level beyond choosing the font menu board. It doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with calligraphy, keep it simple, clean and readable.

Remember Logo Proportions

You want all the things in your logo: the mountains, the lake, the moon, the tagline, and the badass wolf silhouette between the trees… but when you go overboard on design and scale the final product down to the size of a quarter you’re going to end up with an illegible blob. If you’re going to use it as an emblem on a golf shirt? Illegible blob. The amount of detail in your logo will be a contributing factor to readability and cost, for both embroidered or screen printed apparel.

Convey a Story

Any good logo will speak for itself. It will be clear and meaningful in its presentation. The more thought and reasoning that goes into the design elements of your logo, the more insight the viewer will have on your brand and business intention. Conveying a story can make your logo unforgettable, which is no small feat in a world bursting with too much information.

Ready to wow? If you want help with your company logo design or brand, or you’re looking to print your logo on high-volume apparel and merchandise, let us know. We’re happy to offer you a quote for your services. Connect with us today.

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