We wrote a case study on a local electrical and plumbing company that went fully digital with a little help from the Alpha team. The company is now reaping the rewards of automated cloud software and systems.

Since then, they’ve seen improvements in time management, communications, project organization, and employee autonomy. The timing couldn’t be better as managing business digitally will only continue to rise.

While the case study mentioned above focuses on the CRM and Project Management software we used, we thought it might be helpful to highlight here all the tools we typically choose to work with, and why.

While the tools we use have become a general standard based on our experience and understanding of our client’s needs, it’s not to say all are intended for use in every office.

The unique requirements of your company, and your aims as a business owner, along with relevant research, might offer different solutions.

MS Office 365

From Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint templates, Outlook Email services and OneDrive storage capabilities, MS Office 365 allows businesses to create their best work from anywhere and share across all office devices. For updating processes from paper to digital, this is one of the best places to start.

Microsoft SharePoint

As part of optimizing Office 365, the Microsoft SharePoint app for smartphones enables productive and efficient teamwork with company employees and management across every project and department. From sharing files and data to news and resources, SharePoint streamlines collaboration for effortless and secure communications.

HubSpot CRM

A customer relationship management system, HubSpot CRM is user-friendly and enables marketing and sales efficiencies with the ability to automate processes, set reminders, organize clients, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

QuickBooks Online

The online accounting software, QuickBooks, will help you oversee your company’s financials with its flexible, detailed, user-friendly services. It will help you stay organized, save time through automated options, and get paid quickly and headache-free.

Housecall Pro

A system that helps businesses increase sales, offer better customer relationships and allow for greater flexibility and freedom of team members. Housecall Pro has booking features that can integrate on websites while digital work orders, customer history, and pay-by-text features allow for overall service improvements.


Another dynamic CRM system option that acts as a command centre for your business. SalesForce‘s management of sales, service, and marketing pipelines allows for better project efficiencies and deeper customer relationships. Their app builder feature also allows for quick and easy custom innovation to further connect your businesses’ data and processes in one spot.


The sales driven software Proposify is aimed at improving your revenue stream through managing your online business proposals, contracts, job quotes and other documents utilized by your sales team.

Do you want to talk basics with MS Office 365? Maybe you want to learn more about CRM systems, or the additional technical services provided by Alpha. Find out what we can do to help your business online and connect with us.

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