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The Harbour Chandler
The Harbour Chandler is a Nanaimo based marine and fishing megastore. With well over 10,000 different products and a large experienced staff, they are truly one of the most unique retail stores on Vancouver Island.


How We Rebuilt an
E-Commerce Website With Over 3,500 Products

When we first met with Andrea and Matt at The Harbour Chandler, they were using Yellow Pages as their website developer and maintainer. While their website was very successful with their past provider, their platform lacked customizability and couldn’t keep up with their needs. It lacked the unique feel their in-store experience provides, and cost them a sizeable monthly fee. Alpha Strategy was up to the task to give them a new fresh look, while also giving them the tools to update and customize their site for their growing product database. After our first two discovery meetings, we were in a position to develop a plan and proposal for The Harbour Chandler.
Black laptop displaying e-commerce web design for Harbour Chandler


Taking The Harbour Chandler To The Next Level


  • Past website was built years prior and lacked a contemporary feel
  • Competitors were updating websites
  • Website lacked customizability
  • Functionality on past C.M.S. platform prohibited The Harbour Chandler to add necessary features
  • Yellow Pages charged a steep monthly fee to update and maintain website

Our proposal

  • Create a mobile responsive website
  • Give the website a fresh look to enhance the online sales experience for visitors
  • Organize structure so products and content are easy to navigate
  • Create new layout for product pages
  • Upload 3,500+ products
  • Change the category structure to be more intuitive
  • Setup shipping with new carriers
  • Setup email retention and email marketing campaigns
  • Train Harbour Chandler administration

Our process

Due to the size of this store and the number of products they carry, this was a vast undertaking. We were lucky enough to get to work closely with Andrea throughout the entire project. Her and Matt described the feel of their ideal website and we developed a mockup of the homepage. Once this was complete and revisions were made, we took it a step further and had our designer develop a comprehensive plan to improve the user experience. The video of our plan can be found at this link.

We were given approval for structure and layout, and we started building the website. During development we added in 3,500 products, which on its own was a massive undertaking. Many of the images on the old website were very small, so we had to source over 1,000 products online to keep up the quality of the website. Products were also re-categorized at this time, to create an easily navigable experience for the online shopper.

We created a new layout for their popular fishing report, and setup email retention for this service. Customers are now notified when a new fishing report has been published by email and are directed back to the website to view it. This keeps The Harbour Chandler in the eyes of their customers, while also providing a service which is widely used by the Vancouver Island fishing community.

The Harbour Chandler runs an extremely successful e-commerce website, which heightens the threat of hacking. Security was a major concern for them and Alpha Strategy. We integrated a strong security application, providing real time updates and additional precautions to deter criminals from customer and company information.

Alpha Strategy launched The Harbour Chandler website in late February after 3 months of intense development. They are very happy with the way their new website turned out, and we continue to work with them on a maintenance plan which enables them to have us make changes and update the website regularly.



“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Doe, Divi CEO

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