Now That’s
A Big One!

Fishing Supply Store Catches Over $187K In Sales From Facebook Ad Campaign

How we made a difference

We worked with a local fishing supply megastore to crush their marketing goals and generate sales with a series of month-long Facebook advertising campaigns.

Total Ad Campaign Impressions:

By the end of the campaign run the ad generated 2,468,219 impressions (people who saw the ad on their Facebook or Instagram feed)

Total Ad Campaign Reach:

A total of 345,795 people clicked the ad for more info.

Total Ad Spend vs. Total Ad Revenue:

With a total of $11,353.61 in ad spend for the campaign, the client saw $187,405.90 in sales—that’s a 1651% return on their investment.

With this success, we’ve also collected relevant target audience data in real time that will help us convert visitors into paying customers for future campaigns.

About This Project

With this project, our client was hoping to capture sales via Facebook and Instagram during their historically low months early in the new year, after the holidays, when the weather for fishing is generally not awesome. Our objective was to focus on selling equipment basics that all fishermen might be looking to update or replace in preparation for the upcoming season.
We are now tripling what they used to do in a year… every month!


Our team developed a variety of catalog and static image ads, retargeting ads and video campaigns, which Facebook then automatically matched up with ideal target audiences.

With so much success within Canada, we pushed our campaigns into Washington, Oregon, and then Alaska.

The Covid-19 Factor

We believe that the pandemic has actually aided the company during this time as their products are perfect for social distancing activities that can still be enjoyed by the whole family outdoors away from the crowd.

For many businesses, this is an ideal time to focus on e-commerce, and building up an audience base, brand awareness and sales when brick-and-mortar foot traffic isn’t a reliable source of revenue.

The collaboration between our advertising department and Alpha strategy has created some of the most innovative and high-performing advertising campaigns across all of our social media platforms.