Proline Shooters

A New Start
For a Stalled Project

Proline Shooters is a Calgary-based firearm and memorabilia business. They offer a variety of new, used, and collectible hunting and shooting products. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and love to make friends with everyone who walks in their door.

About This Project

Proline Shooters had their website developed by a local company in Calgary who ran into issues while trying to integrate online ordering. Proline was then asked to pay another substantial amount of money. Their emails were ignored after the second installment was made the company was ultimately forced to start fresh. This is where we came in.

Website Redesign

Content Writing

SEO Services

Ongoing Maintenance

How We
Made a difference

We launched their e-commerce integrated website within one month, and Proline Shooters started generating online and in-store revenue immediately. Along with a fresh look, prominent calls-to-action and search engine optimization features Proline Shooters finally got everything they needed and more. With the trust we’ve built, we now also take care of the company’s ongoing technical needs.