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Levy's Hunting
Levy’s Leathers is an international manufacturer of specialized leather products for the music and hunting industries. The main focus of the business is guitar straps and accessories for musical instruments, but the company also makes products for sport and advertising. With representation in over 85 countries, working alongside a company with the prestige of Levy’s Leathers was an exciting opportunity for our business early on.


Not Just Another Website..

Alpha Strategy approached Dennis at Levy’s Leathers to work with them on refocusing the marketing efforts of the hunting division. They had lost traction over the last 10 years and needed a spark to rebuild sales. We developed a plan that included not only an ambitious outline for web presence, but for creating a salesforce to tap into the business to business sales channel.
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Developing Online Presence and Business to Business Relationships


  • The Levy’s Leathers hunting line was experiencing a steady decline in sales
  • Their past website could only sell to the United States
  • They had no social media presence
  • There was little to no active business to business sales force


  • Create a mobile responsive, e-commerce website to promote the Levy’s Hunting brand
  • Upload 800 products to the website
  • Write descriptions, create names for all products
  • Develop video content
  • Photo shoot for products
  • Developed custom packaging for shipping
  • Integrate email retention and email campaigns
  • Create an in-house sales force

The Process

As a third party representative group, Alpha Strategy started off this project by working internally on a website for marketing purposes. We created custom web page artwork and after our concept was given approval for use from Levy’s Leathers, we developed the website. Developing this website included many challenges, as the product data that we received was incomplete. We created new customer friendly product names, instead of sku’s, and wrote descriptions for all the products.

Much of the photography that was sent to us was out of date and needed to be reshot, so we took new pictures of 100+ products. The pictures that we developed were also used for imagery on the website and the social media that we maintained. We conducted thorough market research and designed shipping packaging for the slings based on our findings.

Alpha Strategy created an in-house sales team that acted as third-party representation for Levy’s Leathers’ distribution sales. We had three sales people and one sales manager that researched and learned the products and Levy’s Leathers. Territories were created, and our team contacted over 2,500 retail stores across Canada and the United States.

The digital marketing services that were employed by Alpha Strategy included blogging, Facebook advertising and posting, and Google AdWords pay per click advertising.

Alpha Strategy was able to sell over $15,000 online and into the mid 6-figures for business to business sales, in under 1 year.


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Doe, Divi CEO

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