Leiv It or Love it

Quality Consignment Gets
a New Digital Storefront

Leiv It or Love It is a women’s boutique that sells high-quality and luxury consignment clothing from their online shop and storefront in Lantzville, just outside Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island.

About This Project

The company came to us looking for help with their Shopify store as well as email marketing. They were looking for a new e-commerce shop that aligned with the messaging and branding of their brick-and-mortar as well as their active social media platforms.

Shopify Website Redesign

Digital Marketing

How We
Made a difference

We developed a design that worked with the company’s established brand identity, to seamlessly integrate with their social platforms as well as the look and feel of their storefront. The Shopify site was designed to incorporate clean navigation, easy to browse shopping categories, product detail pages and a quick and easy checkout process. This focus on functionality means that their virtual customers can enjoy a shopping experience online that equals their in-store customer service.

For digital marketing support, we also set up a none intrusive email popup to help increase email subscriptions, which automatically generates a one-time use 10% discount code for new subscribers. We then worked with the clients to help them access and create email lists and online newsletter templates for ongoing marketing initiatives.