One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of building a new website and marketing online is the photography you use to convey your goods and services. Often, photos for a new website or a redesign come as an afterthought. They’re low-quality mobile phone photos or stock images dropped in alongside your fantastic new design and optimized content. 

Bad photos won’t do your business justice and will work against the design and copy you just spent time and money investing in for better lead conversions. When you hire Alpha Strategy for our photography services in Nanaimo, BC you will ensure your company pops off the page. 

Professional, high-resolution photography won’t just make your company website look good, it will help your marketing efforts enormously. A few reasons being:

  • Better recall for consumers as studies have shown that people remember good visuals longer than good content.
  • It’s easier to follow instructions when visuals are included (think about workout routines–it’s generally a lot easier to know what to do if you can see how it’s done rather than reading only).
  • Original graphics perform better than stock photos because they are unique and customized to the company–you aren’t a carbon copy of your competitors so why sell yourself that way?
  • Higher social media engagement when visuals are included.
  • People love sharing infographics. Seriously.


Our website photography services include:

  • Headshots: Professional shots of your team will promote consistent marketing and company branding. Ensure that your potential customers aren’t getting distracted by the varying sizes, resolutions, and locations of employee photos and help them focus on what your staff brings to the table and has to offer.
  • Product Photos: lighting, staging, and shadows are just a few aspects to consider when you’re selling products in your online shop. If you want people to buy your goods, you’ll need to showcase those goods at their very best with a keen eye for detail. 
  • Commercial & residential shots: Seeing your company in action will help potential customers relate to your business, and understand what you do, how you do it, and who you are. Be transparent, accessible, and show your team doing what they do best.
  • Unique marketing materials: infographics and visual instructions are easy-to-consume and a great way to convey a story or data visually. Do you have complex processes or specific points you’re trying to convey to customers? Let’s work on compelling ways to tell that story in pictures.

Questions about our website photography services, and pricing/packages? Give us a call at 778-441-2535 or send us a message at and connect with us for more information about your company’s next steps for professional photography.


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