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How to Develop a Brand Strategy

You have an idea, you’ve done your leg work, lined up financials, and you’re ready to get out in the world and start selling! Congratulations, starting a new business is not an easy undertaking and we have a ton of respect for entrepreneurs because we know what goes into it—after all, we’re entrepreneurs too! It’s the hardest, most rewarding work out there. (Aside from parenting, right?)

A cohesive, comprehensive, and air-tight brand will help you position yourself above the competition, sell your products or services, and market your business efficiently and effectively. As business managers and experienced consultants, Alpha Strategy can show you how to develop a brand strategy tailored to your unique business. We’ve helped clients like Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd., now one of the largest scaffold providers in Western Canada, where we worked together with their ideas and came up with a clear brand strategy for their business, moving forward.

Brand Development In Action

When we first connected with Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd, they were a well-established business seeking out a website overhaul. Once we completed the website redesign for them and earned their trust, they brought us in and asked what else we could do to further their business. 

We took a look at their existing marketing materials and saw the opportunity for further brand development. Essentially, they weren’t focused on the importance of consistency in branding and that’s not uncommon. It can happen when you’re a busy business, growing rapidly, with many hands-on-deck going full throttle. We were able to bring an eye for detail that Chinook Scaffold Systems simply didn’t have time to spot. What we saw was no continuity for all their different marketing materials. Everything piece of collateral looked different and was outdated. So, we really wanted to focus on making their print materials a continuation of their newly designed website. Based on this feedback, and their willingness and support from our consultations, we then created and implemented redesigns for brochures, business cards, and rack cards, as well as a number of advertisements including TV and magazines.

Staying Consistent

Below is a quick list of some key priorities of brand development that will help you stay consistent in your marketing. If you’re seeking an unbiased view, expert input, and business consulting for any of the strategies listed, [reach out to us] and we’ll help you define the missing elements and accelerate your growth and evolution so that you can start focusing on running your business!

Define Your Service – whether it’s a product or products, a service or a person figuring out what you’re branding is the first major step and the blueprint for building.

Get to Know the Market – research the market for your product, service or personality. Learn about your competitors, especially locally. Find out how their branding their business and positioning themselves, see how you can fit the space while creating your own niche within it.  

Offer a Solution – understanding the problem that you’re going to solve, and how you’re going to solve it, will help you market your business and address your potential customer’s needs. 

Describe your brand – writing a brand definition sounds easy, but it can be a huge challenge to get it just right and encompass all aspects of what you have to offer and why it’s better and what the value is to your customers in a concise paragraph. 


“Alpha Strategy has been a strong partner of Chinook Scaffold for the last two years. From website design, to branding, and ad designs, they have taken care of all of our needs, and have become friends in the process.” – Wesley M.

Create Your Logo & Tagline – our creative and progressive designers can bring your new brand definition to life with an unforgettable logo, and we’ll help you nail a precise and memorable tagline. Stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds with a graphic and phrase that sums up everything you have to offer the marketplace and service the needs of customers. 

Develop Your Collateral – once all of the above has been defined and documented, it will be your go-to in-house guide for all your design work; from the website to your business cards. Keeping an eye on detail can be easier when you have a document to refer to when time is limited. 

Not sure where to start? Let us know where you’re at in your business strategy and brand development and we can walk you through our consulting and design services that will help you on your way! Call (778) 441-2535 or email us at and let’s work together!

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