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How Much Does a Website Cost?

We get asked this question a lot: how much does a website cost? While costs will always vary, as no two companies are exactly the same, we want to help shed some light. Below is our outline of what primary costs you can expect of website build.

The technical aspect of building and launching a website comes with its own language and terminology. This can create a sense of anxiety and fear for business owners, which can lead to handing over money to developers without a full understanding of where that money is going or how it’s being spent.

Here’s what you should know.

Web Design and Development

This will be the contract of services entered into with a web development company that will cover the design and development of a website. This scope of work will typically include wireframes and mockups, custom development, testing time, and launch (moving the developed website live so that it can be seen by the world). Sometimes a project manager will be included in costs, as well as other special functionality your site might require. Depending on the size and type of the job, you might see additional costs for e-commerce integration, online website form integration, or any other plugins or custom programming. 


Your website domain is the URL you purchase that is the link visitors click to get to your website. Our domain is: All domains cost money but are usually very cost-effective, so long as the domain you’re after is available for purchase. Domains can range between $9-$20 (approximately) and must be renewed every year. For purchasing domains, we typically recommend GoDaddy. They are highly reputable in the industry, have autorenewal options for payment, and great customer service. Companies that sell domains typically also sell hosting and email services but it’s not always more cost-efficient to bulk everything together with one company. We typically utilize other more affordable companies for our clients’ hosting services. 

Hosting & SSL Certificates

Once you have purchased a domain, you’ll need to purchase hosting services for the domain and website. Consider hosting as the street you live on, versus the domain which is more like the address of your home. Hosting services cost more than your domain, and there are some hosting services that are much more expensive than others. Indicators of a good hosting company will offer great customer service, easy account management, and include free SSL certificates that provide domain security and is industry standard today. If you choose a hosting company that does not offer free SSL certs, you can expect an additional cost for applying this security feature.  


If you require new email addresses for your website build, typically you have two options: create email accounts through your hosting service, or create email accounts through Google’s GSuite. Google offers one or two emails for less than $10 a month, so it’s very affordable for small businesses, even for mid to large businesses, GSuite can be as cost-effective as it is user-friendly and if you already use Gmail your new company emails can be forwarded to your existing Gmail account for easy integration (though note that outgoing emails will reflect your personal Gmail address so you’ll need to determine whether you want convenience of all-in-one account or are prepared to login to more than one different email account to access your work vs. personal emails). Knowing what you need will help you determine the best email set-up. 

Connect with us today if you have questions about the costs of building a website for your company/ We’re happy to chat with you informally about your online goals and help you develop an estimate.  

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