Back in the olden days (ten years ago), if you wanted animation on your website — a cool cartoon, video or 3D page flip for example —you’d rely on Adobe Flash. But like many gadgets, tools and equipment in the tech space what once was new and fresh is now headed to the dustbin.

Floppy disk with an Adobe Flash logo

But from the 2000s on, Flash began to lose steam for a number of reasons not least of which:

  • It requires a flash player — if the viewer wants to see the cool graphics you worked so hard on they have to download the Flash player first
  • It has security issues — from flaws to malware and bugs that have never been fully resolved
  • It doesn’t work on Apple devices — that’s a problem in 2020 with 1.4 billion+ active Apple devices in the world
  • It’s clunky as hell — Adobe Flash is inefficient and slows everything down
  • There’s a better way — with the advent of computer technology from 2000 on, better mousetraps have now been built

Not surprisingly, Adobe recently announced that Flash will no longer be supported and will be phased out completely by the end of this year.

What This Means for Your Business

 Man thinking and staring at a laptop

A lot of older websites still use and incorporate Flash in the design in some way. If your website is incorporating Flash then you can expect to see some road bumps in your user experience.

Making a plan to rebuild Flash elements on your website in a modern way will mean ensuring your site offers your customers a seamless journey through your sales funnels.

That means having a website that won’t be working against you and impeding your audience’s ability to buy or access your goods and services.

How to Tell if Your Site Uses Flash

Not sure if you’re site even uses Flash? Here’s a quick way to tell:

Go to the home page of your website and right-click, then choose the “inspect” option:

a screenshot of a website home page

Once the side panel opens up, click shift + “f” to create a search bar and enter “flash” into the search:

Highlighted references will appear on those sites that are incorporating Flash:

Note: don’t worry, this client is currently working with us on a brand new, Flash-free website… Soon to be launched! (Keep an eye on our Portfolio for updates!)

What Next?

If you find or know that your website currently incorporates Flash graphics, and even if you’re not sure, we can take a look.

At Alpha Strategy, we’re happy to chat about your web needs and make recommendations that will fix your website up, good as new and just as fun, for a fresh clean start in 2021.

Contact our team for more information on our web design and development services, and learn what you need to do to make more money for your business’ next fiscal year.

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