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Dive Into Details with Business Case Studies

Business Case studies are highly effective website content that can convert readers into customers through creative and engaging format that leaves an impact. Rather than telling a story in a blog or news update, case studies are showing the story. They demonstrate how your goods or services solve a real-world problem and present relatable scenarios that are a great way to illustrate how readers can experience the same type of successWhile blog posts can be generic and non-specific, an in-depth business story will be much harder for potential clients to overlook. They can establish trust in you as a topical authority and truthfully position your product or service as the best solution. Case studies have the power to showcase your transparency while outlining actionable results to back-up your claims. Who can argue with data from a real-life scenario? 

Building Case Studies  

This takes some thought, time, and a well-executed plan that revolves around three or four basic concepts: Issue → Goals → Outcome → Impact. Ideally, you want to tell a story while conducting a deep dive into the four milestones of the study; defining the problems, determining solutions, and showing how those solutions were implemented with benefits and impacts for all intended audience perspectives.  

Ideally, your case studies will also be optimized with a keyword strategy, so that each study has the potential to show up on search result pages.  

Incorporating personalized images, or high impact graphics can help convey the story visually for readers. Ideally, you want to position each case study with an identifiable audience and featuring key points in a narrative format that is realistic, complex, and contextually rich. You want your story to interest readers and encourage them to follow from the beginning through to the conclusion.  

Marketing Your Case Studies 

There are many different styles of marketing case studies that can be used to share your stories with potential customers and gain incoming traffic to your website, organic traffic from relevant search results, and potential customer leads. For example:

  • We’ll optimize the Case Studies page and each individual case study with researched, competitive keywords and meta data implementation
  • You can utilize individual case studies as resources for new incoming leads from website and phone queries
  • Adding a featured case study to your home page will increase visibility
  • Developing video case studies can increase opportunities for unique visitors, interest and queries
  • Posting the case studies on social media can encourage follower engagement and traffic to your website

Where To Put Case Studies on Your Website 

Case studies can be made accessible in your website navigation from a dedicated Case Studies overview page and subpages for each, or you could embed them into your blog under a Case Studies category. Either way, you want to ensure that each study has its own individual URL so that you can share each out, and ensure that each will be indexed and searchable online. 

Do you want to talk to us about opportunities to build Business Case Studies into your website or blog? Let us know, we have team members at Alpha Strategy with extensive SEO and journalism backgrounds who are adept, efficient and engaging writers. 

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