We’ve written a lot about web development and digital marketing in the last year. So much in fact that we’re losing our breath. Our goal is to inform, but we’re going to take an intermission and collect ourselves to review the best of all the information we’ve discussed to date. We’ve covered blog topics from the pitfalls of bad website photography to secrete Instagram tricks, optimizing your online shop, dealing with Covid-19 and more.  Below are the highlights from each of our blog categories.    

Brand Development

You have an idea, you’ve done your leg work, lined up financials, and you’re ready to get out in the world and start selling! Congratulations, starting a new business is not an easy undertaking and we have a ton of respect for entrepreneurs because we know what goes into it—after all, we’re entrepreneurs too! It’s the hardest, most rewarding work out there (aside from parenting, right?). A cohesive, comprehensive, and air-tight brand will help you position yourself above the competition, sell your products or services, and market your business efficiently and effectively. How to Develop a Brand Strategy  


We want to help you optimize your e-commerce revenue for better results. In the online world today, there are so many easy ways to tweak your e-commerce site for a boost in sales, while increasing the satisfaction of your online customers. If you’ve got the basics down of products + cart = sale, great. But there’s always room for improvement, and we’ve got some tips to further tweak the shopping experience and get those carts converting.  8 Ways to Increase Shopping Sales On Your E-Commerce Website  

According to Vancouver Economic, 92% of businesses in BC have been affected by Covid-19, with the vast majority experiencing a negative impact. In fact, 73% of businesses surveyed are forecasting a drop of 50% or more in revenues. This means many small businesses are relying on their online stores to take orders, deliver, and ship their goods to consumers. But if your website isn’t set up for e-commerce you may feel like the ground is caving in beneath you and your business won’t survive. But wait.. there’s hope!  How to Set Up Your Online Store During Covid-19  


What is Google my Business, and what is its purpose? When people search for a business or address, the business listing that displays on the right-hand side of your screen with the company details originates from a Google My Business account. It includes important information about the business potential customers will be looking for from holiday hours to the website link and contact information. Being seen is half the battle so setting this up should be a key part of your business presence online…  How to Setup A Google My Business Account For Your Small Business   

With the right online content built for visitors & search engines, your website can be working to gain you leads 24/7. This is done through search engine optimization [SEO]. Writing for SEO offers quality content that speaks to your audience about your goods and services and is written professionally to gain visibility with new potential customers looking for your website in their online searches. It also follows the best practices required to be visible in search engines. What is Copywriting? A Guide to SEO Content 

Website Design

We once found the same free stock image used on multiple websites within the same industry and in the same service regions. How can you possibly promote a brand as being better than the competition if it appears as a carbon copy of its competition, so much so it might actually get mistaken for the competition? If we sound worked up, we are—this is exactly why we set forth with the intention and motivation to have an in-house photographer as part of our services. Bad photos are not worth the cost. You might pay less upfront, but in the end, you pay for the loss of customers.  Professional Photos Matter – This is Why 

 Before we launched Alpha Strategy, we were entrepreneurs running into the same issues with web developers. They kept going over budget, not communicating, and taking a lot longer than they said they would in order to get our website completed. We were tired of the same stories, and poor customer service from all of the different developers, so our existence is in response to those experiences. To help spot the bad apples we’ve come across, here’s a list of red flags to watch out for when you’re looking to hire a web development company… Choosing A Web Developer: How to Spot A Bad Investment 

Technical Services

Business technology is our passion, and we’re always excited for an opportunity to help companies accelerate their growth online any which way we can! Because there’s a multitude of optimizations that enhance sales funnels, internal workflows, accounting processes, team member communications, client communications and more, it can sometimes be hard for business owners to know what will work best for them, and where to start. The following is a case study featuring local electrical contractors here in Nanaimo who needed extra help outside the box of our digital marketing services… Electrical Contractors Go Digital 

For busy entrepreneurs, outsourcing website maintenance can be a convenient and stress-free way to make sure your website is giving you the best return on investment. Yes, it will require a monthly retainer for the work, but you can view it as an investment into the growth of your business because acting on changes to functionality based on user-experience will enhance the overall effectiveness of your website, gain authority as an industry leader, and draw a bigger audience over time. Website Management: What, Why, and How? 

 Digital Marketing

We are currently living in unprecedented times, with company closures, school closures, cancellations of just about every public event in existence, national lockdowns, self-isolation, quarantines and seemingly unending media noise about Covid-19. It’s a lot, and it’s okay to feel nervous and overwhelmed (at least, this is what we’ve been telling ourselves). The truth is we know we’ll make it through this, united separately together in our own homes, and all the social distancing will work. In the meantime, can we ask a question that is nagging us–even if it’s selfish? Is this… An Opportunity? 

When it comes to customer loyalty, the ongoing relationship between you and your customer is yours to win or lose. As an entrepreneur, strengthening the trust between your business and your clients is key to your company’s growth and to surviving the competition in today’s crowded marketplace. It seems obvious but these days, business owners can get caught up in casting a wider net and growing leads, rather than lead conversions… 10 Ways to Nurture Customer Loyalty 

Email marketing has been around for years, everyone’s inbox reflects the ongoing pursuit of companies trying to lure us into deals, promos, sales, surveys, and other engagement strategies. How often are you hooked? The answer is probably “not often.” You likely trash more emails from companies than you read. In North America, between 2010 to 2016, email open rates increased to an average of 55%, a little over half of the marketing emails sent were actually opened by consumers. Doesn’t seem like much of an “aha” moment, does it? Why then in the marketing world are emails considered one of the most successful and best ways to communicate with clients and increase sales? Personalize Your Brand With Email Marketing 

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