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At Alpha Strategy, we bring a unique combination of consulting, management, marketing, design, and content optimization that gives us a 360-degree understanding of growing a business online. 

The Origin Story Of our nanaimo
web design agency

We are a Nanaimo based web design agency on Vancouver Island comprised of a team of talented entrepreneurs, designers, writers and marketing professionals. Founders DJ Levy and Andrew Labun launched several companies before Alpha Strategy but kept running into the same issues with web developers who went over budget, didn’t communicate, and were unable to meet deadlines.

Tired of the same disappointments, DJ and Andrew launched Alpha Strategy in response to the lacklustre services in the industry. They decided to do it better and to improve the digital experience for clients across North America in order to help businesses grow quickly with trusted, reliable and affordable customer service.

Our Mission

To achieve the goals of our clients through a customer-centred approach to business. We view working relationships as collaborative partnerships, accomplished with clear and open communication.  

Our Vision

While we recognize that Return on Investment (ROI) is an often overused term, we also see the universal opportunity it holds for all of us. Who doesn’t want to see results from hard work? Our vision is to stay true to the goal of favourable gains–we think of ROI as our North Star, and we use it to navigate the online industry and provide real results for our clients. 

  • RESEARCH – business owners deserve to work with people they trust. In doing our due-diligence with market research on your business and understanding your needs and goals, we have cultivated strong and lasting client relationships based on communication, collaboration, and respect.  

  • ORGANIZE– we’ve made it easier for businesses to build effective new websites and sales goals that optimize easy-to-use, efficient online tools. Armed with the right toolboxes, our satisfied clients have enjoyed immediate results. 

  • IMPLEMENT– through strong client relationships, we’ve been given opportunities to implement strategic digital marketing, administration, sales, e-commerce, management, and inventory services. We are very proud of our client relationships and the results that we have been able to help them achieve. 
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Contact our creative agency today and let us know your availability for a complimentary consultation. We’ll reach out at your convenience to talk about your individual goals and how we can help. No strings, no pressure. We’re happy to answer questions and give you an idea of what you’ll get when you choose to work with us.

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