A Shopify website is a great way to sell and ship your products to customers nationally, or internationally, with the click of a button. The majority of e-commerce work we do is creating custom websites on Shopify for clients that range from outdoor stores to clothing boutiques.

The desire to move retail spaces online, where people are most often conducting business these days, is only increasing. The great news is that it’s also never been easier to do. We love Shopify for its flexibility and robust functionality, but we equally love some of the great apps designed to help optimize sales on Shopify sites. 

Here are five easy favourites you can implement today, that have the potential to act just like customer-service driven employees in a brick-and-mortar.

Vimeo Create

a woman leaning over a pottery wheel holding a mound of clay

Everyone wants videos on their website because videos are highly watchable and effective ways to advertise your goods and services. Videos convert! Now, making great videos with your product photos is easy, and with Vimeo Create you’ll be able to develop high-quality multimedia integration on your website at virtually no cost. 

How Does it Work?

Not everyone has the skills or time to create professional videos. This is where Vimeo Create comes in like some Gen Z assistant who knows more than you do about the world to hand-hold you through your video creations, all you need are a bunch of product photos to start!


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A few of Privy’s email marketing capabilities:

  • Convert visitors with dynamic pop ups and on-site alerts for attention grabbing shopping experiences.
  • Reduce cart abandonment with custom automated emails that show shoppers what they’ve left behind and motivate them to return and complete the sale. 
  • Offer creative, customized coupons to promote as a marketing campaign for seasonal sales or new customers, and track redemptions.

How Does it Work?

Easy tools including drag and drop templates, integrating products directly within emails, and automating follow ups is just the start. You’ll also see exactly how much money Privy has made for you with a reporting dashboard that connects with your purchase history in Shopify.

Frequently Bought Together

items of mens clothing wear neatly laid out in a square

This is an app for Amazon-style recommended products, upsells and discounts. It is designed to:

  • Increase conversions with recommendations that are displayed in bundles on a product page to increase the likelihood of customers adding more items to their cart.
  • Personalize recommendations thanks to AI, which provides the best product recommendations for a particular shopper.
  • Boost revenue because it is currently the most profitable upsell app on Shopify. According to their website, they’ve “generated more than 1,500,000,000 US dollars to more than 200,000 Shopify merchants.”

How Does it Work?

The app will review and inspect the previous purchases in your store’s database to develop an algorithm of recommended products, which are usually purchased together, on your site. It’s like a built in personal shopper for your customers. Who’s not going to like a good slipper recommendation for those new home office lounge pants?

When a shopper lands on a product page they will see a bundle of products displayed that relate to the product they are viewing, and which others have purchased along with that product. Clicking on one of these recommended items will automatically add it to the shopper’s cart.

Sales Pop Up 

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A pop up of recent sales on a particular product in your store can help motivate shoppers and Sales Pop Up is designed to create urgency by presenting details on the stock count for an item or a stock countdown timer to boost incentives to purchase.

This app is also a great way to develop trust and transparency, as well as legitimacy, for any brand starting out or already established. By building social proof, while injecting some real urgency on hot products, you can influence visitors to buy from you. 

How it Works

You can fully customize the look and feel as well as the copy and information presented in your popups including how you set the display time. There are also options to control and manage your store’s recent sales notifications.

Sales Pop Up functionality is designed to appear on a product page and then automatically fade out to prevent obstructing the browsing experience of users. 

Judge.me Product Reviews 

Hand holding a mobile phone open to a Google map and review icon

This website and product reviews app presents rating and feedback directly under products on product pages. This app’s benefits include:

  • Easy collection of reviews from shoppers who purchase products from your store, because they can leave reviews directly in their email so that you can collect and control what is shown on the site. 
  • Broad reach with your star reviews visible in Google Search’s rich snippets feature, as well as Facebook, and on the website itself for greater transparency and customer service.

How it Works

Judge.me boasts easy installation with the added benefit of their 24/7 support. You can import any existing reviews you’ve collected online, and you can apply your own shop design to the app for a seamless look and feel. 

What Have You Got to Lose?

At the end of the day, moving your store online will only open up more opportunities to target a broader audience and make connections with your shoppers. 

The help you can get from Shopify’s apps means you can hone in on your online store’s sweet spots, while building interest, revenue and trusted relationships with customers online.

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